Intelligence Is Key To Survival In Fallout 4


Those kooky cats at Bethesda are always up to something funny in their Fallout 4 instructional video series. Previously, they have covered the importance of being strong and perceptive, enduring the harsh wasteland and being charismatic. Those all move to the wayside today, as Bethesda’s recent video highlights the importance of a keen, thoughtful and intelligent mind. Well, at least how that pertains to gameplay in Fallout 4.

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Per usual, Vault Boy is placed in quite a predicament, unsure of how to open a “vault of opportunity” as he trudges along the wasteland in his dunce cap. It’s with an intelligent mind that allows him to remove his dunce cap, giving him the inspiration to hack into the console and open up the opportunities ahead of him. In Fallout 4, Intelligence will also lead to creativity, as we see both vials of “Imagination” and “Science” lead to bigger and badder heavy guns, potent chemical compounds and bloodletting to help aid health recovery.

On the base level, it doesn’t sound like there’s much out of the ordinary when it comes to this gameplay system’s handling of intelligence. Science, computers and healing stuff has always gone down to the I for Intelligence, but with the perks system in place it will be interesting to see just how nutty you can go. Plus, a hint at a transportation system using the Int stat leads to some very complicated, but intriguing gameplay possibilities.

Fallout 4 will launch on PC, PS4 and Xbox One on November 10, 2015.

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