In Fallout 4, You Will Need Endurance To Thrive And Survive


As part of their ongoing series of “instructional videos” for Vault citizens, Bethesda has released yet another video in their Fallout 4 S.P.E.C.I.A.L. series. This time it focuses on Endurance, covering some generally compelling ideas that may hint at some gameplay elements to take into consideration.

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As gruesome in nature as ever (for a video series playing as a straight-up instructional video), the Fallout 4 Endurance video begins with the notion that the stat will make your character more resilient to radiation and stronger against attacks. That’s not different from what we’ve seen previously, however the specific callout to eating food and drinking water to maintain your shape may suggest it is mandatory this time around. Previously, in Fallout: New Vegas the hardcore mode required you to eat and drink to survive, but it was a completely optional route.

The video also suggests that the Endurance stat will make it easier to eat undesirable foods, showing Vault Boy eating his own foot. A cut-off segment at the end of the video also suggested cannibalism, perhaps hinting at an important element of the Fallout 4 story. Regardless, the final point of importance is that Endurance may supposedly gauge how long you can run for, as the video suggests, “The greater your endurance, the further you can go.” The hope, personally, is that a limit would only count if you’re running away from an enemy. Otherwise, traversing the wasteland will be a difficult task, indeed.

Fallout 4 is headed for the PC, PS4 and Xbox One on November 10th.

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