Opinion Policy


(Last update: November 3, 2014)

When it comes to our content here at GameSided, we always want our writers to speak their mind or inject their voice to a piece. It’s the best way to avoid becoming the dreaded, unglorified PR mouthpiece that regurgitates professionally-skewed ideologies to the pure benefit of game publishers. We write for you, the reader.

Sometimes, however, our writers wish to expound upon an issue further, bring up a point that they believe is worth mentioning or going into depth further about as its own piece. As such, more often than not, GameSided will serve as host to their opinion pieces. Each piece under the “Opinion” category will carry the following disclaimer:

"The views expressed in this article explicitly belong to the author, and do not necessarily reflect the views of, nor should be attributed to, GameSided as an organization. For more on our policy, click here."

Gaming “Features” or “Top 10”-style posts that incorporate one’s rankings of certain criteria or carry one’s account of an event do not necessarily require this disclaimer. If the nature of these pieces involves opinionated criticism of an individual game, its series, its developer or its publisher, then it should carry this disclaimer.

All Opinion-category articles are to be submitted to the editor in charge of features before going live. Editorially, GameSided management retains the right to remove any content of its writers’ pieces that directly incites hatred or discrimination of a sexual, sexual orientation, racial, gender or religious manner. This policy is not in effect to prevent our writers from discussing these issues in gaming; we welcome opinionated work that look at all sides of all topics. The goal is to prevent opinion pieces from turning into agenda-driven diatribes or articles that are not backed by evidence, analysis or thoughtful critique.

If you have any questions about this policy, or wish to air your thoughts about an opinion piece written by a member of GameSided, please send an email to Editor Daniel George: daniel.george@fansided.com.