GameSided Is Moving To The Newly Revamped App Trigger


The GameSided party isn’t ending; we’re just moving it over to App Trigger!

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Gaming in 2013, personally, was an excellent year. It marked the beginning of the early success for the PS4 and Xbox One, followed by the noble first attempt at a crowdfunded console in the Ouya. It saw the release of The Last of Us, The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds and Papers, Please, while the MOBA world saw a major leap forward with the full release of Dota 2. Most importantly, to me, it saw the release of an article titled “Why The Wii U Needs A Price Cut,” debuting on June 24.

Debuting on the launch of GameSided.

Now, more than 30 months later, I am announcing that will close its doors today, with all staffers, editors, content and future gaming efforts moving to App Trigger at, effective immediately.

Why the ch-ch-ch-changes?

The reason why we’re doing this is simple; we want to make sure that major gaming coverage for the FanSided network is all under one umbrella, and the name App Trigger just speaks perfectly to what we’re looking to cover. Previously a mobile-gaming-only site, we will be re-introducing the site with an equal balance on the “App” aspect (with mobile gaming and killer gaming apps) with the “Trigger” aspect (game controller triggers). Console and gaming content will meet a more refined mobile gaming focus over time.

FanSided tech team members are currently hard at work on transferring old content to the new App Trigger web page, in addition to creating a new logo.

How to keep engaged

You can keep in touch by Liking the App Trigger Facebook page and following the App Trigger Twitter account. Going forward, we will be using these platforms a lot more to post fun content, ideas and polls, looking to keep the conversation going beyond the printed word.

I like video games, writing about them, sharing my opinions, and the Oxford comma.

Are you interested in joining the team? Fill out an application and you could be part of the new-look games coverage coming to the FanSided network! We are always looking for more mobile gaming writers, but also want to cover all things in traditional gaming, virtual reality (Gear VR, PC headsets, etc.) and eSports.

Any last words?

First off, I want to thank every single person who has ever read anything produced on GameSided. Whether you’ve been there since our big break (in no small part thanks to Michael Vick on Facebook and Twitter) or after recently seeing us featured on the front page, you are the reason we share our wild, crazy thoughts about the current, past and future states of video game creativity. While it is truly hard on me to push forward and move on so quickly, I can’t wait to see how we can improve upon what we’ve been doing over at App Trigger.