Someone Recreated P.T. In Dying Light


Last year, Dying Light was one of my favorite games. I played it for a good number of hours. I reviewed it well. Then I beat the main game and most of the side quests, but alas, it is not meant to be when you review games that you get to immerse yourself deeply into too many games as others come for your attention. It seems I missed out on a good bit based on the video above.

One of those things I missed was the recreation of P.T. or “Silent Hills” in the game’s custom maps feature launched last year. Upon launching the new expansion, Dying Light: The Following I was asked if I would like to play a custom map. Last I played the game, this was not even a feature so of course I checked it out. My nephew pointed to a particular map called “Repetition” for me to play. Immediately he asked, “What does this remind you of?” I have no idea how he thought I would immediately guess from a hallway that I was back into a game that still creeps me out to this day.

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While most certainly not the completely creepy festival of creepiness and ghoulish delight that is P.T., Dying Light’s custom “Repetition” map does still pull off a good amount of creepiness to satisfy those horror lovers in your friend group. I am easily more squeamish than the next man so I shared above a video of someone who is a bit braver to play through to the end than I.

Did I mention, it also has two endings? One good. One bad. Maybe you can tell me about it one day. I will likely never make it to the end.