Heroes of the Storm North America Spring Regional Recap


Cloud9 and Team Naventic will be heading to Seoul to compete in the Heroes of the Storm Global Championship in April.

Cloud9 and Team Naventic battled it out in the finals of the Heroes of the Storm North American Spring Regional, but Cloud9 battered Team Naventic with a 3-1 match victory. Both teams are bound for Korea to compete in the Heroes of the Storm Spring Global Championship, but unlike Team Naventic, Cloud9 will enjoy a first-round bye in Korea when they both compete this April.

Team Nom, Panda Global, Team Blaze, and King of Blades Alpha didn’t survive their matches, but there were no blowouts. It was a highly contested day of Heroes of the Storm with every single set going the full three games — leading up to the grand final. You can view the semifinals and grand final match VODs below.

The eight regional champions (Latin America, Southeast Asia, Australia/New Zealand, Taiwan, China, North America, Europe, and Korea) plus the runners-up from China, Europe, Korea, and North America will complete at the Spring Global Championship which takes place April 1 – 3 in Seoul, South Korea.

Semifinals Round One – Cloud9 v Tempo Storm

In after a back and forth first and second game, Cloud 9 advanced against Tempo Storm with a decisive 4 level lead victory in game three.

Semifinals Round One – Team Naventic v Tempo Storm

Team Naventic and Tempo Storm pushed it to a game three on Sky Temple. Both teams managed to stay evenly leveled but Tempo Storm couldn’t keep control of the mid temple and fell to Team Naventic’s final push.

Grand Final – Cloud9 v Team Naventic

Cloud9 walked away with a long-fought game one win on Dragon Shire. Team Naventic responded with a dominating game two win on Blackheart’s Bay. Cloud9 rebounded with back to back wins, ending with a strong 3-1 match victory.