Ethics Statement


(Last update: March 11th, 2014)

When it comes to covering the video game industry, engaging with developers, publishers, public relations experts and other creators is nigh unavoidable. As such, it is only fair to you, the reader, to understand the ethical standings our writers and editor(s) abide by in our daily lives covering video games news, reviews, previews and other critical articles.

If you notice any contradictions in our ethics policies as part of any GameSided publication, or have any concerns or questions about our policies, please send an email to editor Daniel George:

Conflicts Of Interest

Whether it is perceived or real, conflicts of interest are serious concerns when it comes to games coverage. As measures to prevent such occurrences, those under the employ of GameSided will not cover any company or independent game developer/group if they belong to any of the following categories;

  • Financially invested in the stake of said company or independent developer/group. When it comes to crowdfunding, staffers who are currently or have previously provided funds directly to a game creator (i.e: Patreon, Fund My Life, etc.) shall abstain from coverage.
  • Were previously employed by said company or independent game creator/group.
  • Have or had a personal or romantic relationship with someone working for said company or independent developer/group. This extends to a staffer’s spouse, partner or anyone else that shares a close relationship with the staffer, including family.

Staffers who have provided money towards a Kickstarter gaming project are allowed to cover the developmental news of said game or gaming product. However, this must be disclosed at the beginning or mentioned contextually within their article. Reviews for Kickstarter-backed projects are permissible if the author spent the minimum amount required for access of the game or gaming project. Spending the bare minimum ($1) towards a project with the intent of retaining news updates on a gaming project (as long as that amount does not provide privileged game access in any form) does not need to be disclosed.

Travel, Gifts & Merchandise

Due to the nature of our website, on very rare occasions we may have to rely on travel and/or accommodations (flights, rental cars, hotel rooms) in order to cover an event or review a game, as paid by a publisher or their marketing companies. In each and every circumstance, we will make it clear from the beginning of (or contextually within) any news article, feature or gaming product’s review the nature in which it was possible to cover the piece.

Outside of content-necessary travel and/or accommodations, our staffers will not accept gifts, merchandise, food or drinks that exceed $50 in value.

For giveaways that involve products, game codes, merchandise or other gifts that have been directly provided by game publishers, developers or other gaming companies, we will make it clear that said prizes from said giveaway are provided by the responsible gaming company. Giveaways of said products should not ever be considered as an endorsement of the companies responsible, nor the actual products themselves.


Advertisements that appear on our website (i.e: banner ads) are at the sole discretion of the advertising team at FanSided LLC. None of the staff editor(s) or writers here at GameSided are involved with the advertising process, nor will any of our writers accept money or promotional consideration from gaming companies and their marketing firms to write about their content.

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