Commenting Policy


(Last update: November 3, 2014)

Readers of our site are more than welcome to leave comments in the section below our posts in order to voice their opinions, concerns or ideas on the topics at hand. However, it goes without saying that we expect a decent amount of respect for both our writers and fellow commenters.

Below are our policies when it comes to specific commenting areas of interest. If you’re unsure whether or not a comment you wish to make is appropriate for our site, if you wish to report a comment violation or if you wish to address our commenting policy as a whole, make sure to leave an email with GameSided’s Editor:

Trolling, Flaming & Spoilers

Each and every circumstance of the above examples of comments will be deleted on sight. This includes context-and-argument-free console warring (i.e: “‘X’ console rules, ‘Y’ console sucks).

Profanity is allowed in the comments section; however it should not be in a vulgar or aggressive manner aimed at another person. One can express their passion in reaction to a story/feature/review.

The main goal of discussion between opposing commenters is to address the points, not to attack the person. Personal attacks, including those of a cruel-hearted and vulgar nature, will be subject to deletion. Repeated offenses by commenters may result in bans, at the discretion of the moderation team.

For spoilers, please avoid giving away any specific plot twists or story-specific details about games that haven’t been available on the market for at least 4 months. Each circumstance will be deleted and repeated attempts at this in an aggressive manner or pattern may result in a commenting ban.

Explicit Content, Spam, & Piracy Comments

Each and every circumstance of the above examples of comments will not only be deleted on sight, but will result in commenting bans.

Explicit Content refers to posting pornographic, vulgar and ultra-violent gore in video, images or text. It also refers to hate speech of a sexual, racial, religious, gender or nationality nature, as well as those with a disability.

Spam refers to dumping links on our site without commentary or context. This does not refer to helpful links that are topic-relevant, but to those who purely wish to benefit from linking to their content on our website.

Piracy refers to those promoting the illegal use of copyrighted material of any kind. This includes linking to or encouraging software piracy and its sites. Discussions about piracy, however, are permitted.