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Laura Finally Gets A Street Fighter V (Leaked) Trailer


Poor Ono. He’s been having some real bad luck with Street Fighter V characters leaking to the public early, with Laura being just the latest. Previously, we had only seen screenshots of her in action, with Japanese dialogue placed in subtitles. Thanks to an early leak (somehow still up on EB Games’ New Zealand’s Youtube channel), now we get to see and hear more about this buxom Brazillian brawler ahead of her official reveal at the Brasil Games Show.

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As you can see from the trailer, this not-Blanka does seem to carry a lot of grapple moves to finish off combos. The video shows her pairing hits with perfect timing into grabs, tossing opponents into the air only to land hard on their side and back. She was known to throw waves of lightning into her attacks, but to project them with a slow crawl like an edge guard allows her to set up opponents with a better tactical advantage. The pinball-like Laura Launch at the end is the perfect kind of Critical Arts move that brings an arcadey feel to an entry willing to show off a comical side.

It will be interesting to see the reaction from the gaming industry as a whole by the end of all the Street Fighter V character reveals. As we’ve seen from Laura, R. Mika and Hot Ryu, the visual emphasis seems to be on more aesthetically pleasing fighters. As this will be a PS4 console exclusive, with a bigger emphasis on the title to sell the platform, a lot more eyes than usual will be on the fighter not known to tone down its eccentricity in character design.

Street Fighter V will be on PC and PS4 early next year.

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