Dark Souls 3 Looks Like Bloodborne In New Trailer


Considering Dark Souls 2 didn’t impress quite the way it should have, injecting the looks of Bloodborne into Dark Souls 3 is a welcomed change.

Considering that Bloodborne was my Game of the Year last year, I might be a little bit biased in my appreciation for all things of that visual art style. The monster design was one of the key aspects, personally, with horrors resembling that of Lovecraftian Eldritch monstrosities than the fantastical medieval demons that Dark Souls traditionally carries. It appears as though Dark Souls 3 will carry a little bit of column A and column B, as a new gameplay trailer highlights the combat, level and enemy design aspects of Bandai Namco’s upcoming action-RPG title.

When it comes to creating a setting for your adventure, it’s mostly Dark Souls 3 all the way. Gigantic castles to strive for as you clear wave upon wave of monsters on bridges, towers, towns and stone buildings is par for the series’ course. It’s the grim, antediluvian ghouls and monsters that resembles a mix of the series’ past with Miyazaki’s newest IP Bloodborne, with monsters that wear cages on their heads, cool colorization of background art and a general unsettling feeling within.

Better yet is the musical pairing. Past Dark Souls trailers have always had odd musical choices, including Jethro Tull for Dark Souls 2. While the trope of “female singer sings pop culture in a slow, strained manner” is done to death, for some reason it pairs well with the gameplay, juxtaposing against our unnamed protagonist swiping weaponry against the horror that face them.

It makes for a great Dark Souls 3 gameplay trailer; one of the more accessible ones the series has ever seen.