Street Fighter V TV Spot Shows Capcom’s Faith In FGC


Capcom will lean on the fighting game community to help push Street Fighter V and the family that comes with it.

When you seriously get into fighting games, you become part of a community. No matter if you play in weekly tournaments, compete at Evo or just get involved in participating at events as a spectator, the fighting game community welcomes in all with open arms. That kind of support is at the heart of a new TV spot for Street Fighter V, which aired during the New England Patriots vs. Denver Broncos game yesterday.

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It’s a repurposed version of the video that was shown off to reveal Street Fighter V in the first place, but for Sony and Capcom to update it and include new gameplay footage shows that they want to tap into the FGC and show the kind of love that comes with playing Street Fighter V, let alone fighting games. When you do get to a skill level that sees you doing combo inputs based off of three-frame windows, tied series of normals into specials to maximize damage and know when to read an opponent’s move forward and capitalize with critical arts, it does really feel like you’re breaking out of a box.

Furthermore, with the emphasis on large events where people play Street Fighter V, Sony is helping to solidify themselves as the destination to play the game once its comes out. Despite the widespread use of fight sticks, inter-splicing footage with controllers (which are used, on occasion, by top-performing players at tournament) and the PS4 console further adds to the notion of belonging with their console, in addition to fighting games in general. It’s a great ad that taps into the competitive nature of self-improvement without being too corny.

Street Fighter V will launch on the PC and PS4 on February 16th.