Whether they wanted it or not, Capcom has had two of its fight..."/> Whether they wanted it or not, Capcom has had two of its fight..."/>

Street Fighter V Has Zangief Confirmed, Laura Leaked


Whether they wanted it or not, Capcom has had two of its fighters for Street Fighter V revealed to the public recently. The first comes in Zangief, the infamous Russian wrestler known for his feisty demeanour, suplex maneuvers and his flying fists punching in rapid succession. That was officially announced on the PlayStation Blog, who went in depth with his move set and his prominence in the series.

Appearing in Street Fighter II, Street Fighter Alpha II + III and Street Fighter IV, the “Iron Cyclone’s” inclusion means it won’t be just one fighter on the roster that will have an immaculate beard offering. Probably leading towards some sort of story inclusion with R. Mika, this massive man-bear will look to utilize everything in the grappler’s handbook, tossing fools around left, right and center. His counters into grabs are particularly deadly, with the Iron Muscle V-Skill maneuver that absorbs one hit, allowing to go into some serious punishes. He can even push into further cyclone hits when popping his V-Trigger.

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That wasn’t the only Street Fighter V news of the day. Famitsu made a major booboo when releasing an article about another fighter earlier than expected. As documented by Destructoid, Laura is a Brazillian fighter that mixes grapples with ranged lightning or kinetic energy attacks. The screenshots only show a glimpse of her maneuvers, including small projectiles, Jiu Jitsu and Judo grabs. She’s wearing a green and gold robe, meaning that Capcom won’t stray too far away from their representations of character archetypes. Hopefully, Capcom will follow up with a trailer shortly.

Street Fighter V will launch on PC, and exclusively for consoles on the PS4, early next year.

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