Just as Capcom prepares to re-open the Street Fighter 5 global..."/> Just as Capcom prepares to re-open the Street Fighter 5 global..."/>

R. Mika Joins The Street Fighter 5 Roster


Just as Capcom prepares to re-open the Street Fighter 5 global beta preview weekend event, another character will join the roster. Rainbow Mika, or R. Mika for short, will be bringing her wrasslin’ moves, Stone Cold stunners and other tag team moves to the upcoming fighting game. She made only one previous appearance in the fighting game series; in Street Fighter Alpha 3 As such, Capcom has released a trailer, highlighting the flair she brought back then and what she has to offer now.

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R. Mika will very much be a grappler character in Street Fighter 5, with her dream of being a great wrestler like Zangief. This means she will be tossing her opponents with grab moves left, right and center, and can even call in her tag team partner Nadeshiko when she pops her V-Trigger moves. She has three major variations of the moves, coming from a neutral, backwards and forwards momentum. Her last V-Trigger has R. Mika singing with a mic, powering up her special throws, and even damages opponents when she cancels the move.

Street Fighter has always had a roster of physically attractive characters, both male and female, and R. Mika’s inclusion in Street Fighter 5 is no exception. While she teeters too much on the end of fan service for me, personally (slapping her butt, teaming up with Nadeshiko to slam their butts together to sandwich an opponent’s face), at the very least she provides a very particular and different style of fighting technique. I, for one, cannot wait for the JR edits inter-spliced with this trailer that will inevitably hit the internet sometime in the future!

Street Fighter 5 will launch on the PC and PS4 by Spring 2016.

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