Twitch More Than Doubled Monthly Viewers In 2014


It’s no wonder that gigantic technology companies like Google and Amazon were vying for the rights to buy Twitch. The gaming livestream service has just released their annual retrospective for the year 2014, revealing that they serve more than 100 million unique monthly viewers and carry over 1.5 million unique broadcasters per month.

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What’s always interesting about these Twitch infographics (other than their art style) is learning about specifics that you’d never think to ask. For example, 83% of viewers from the Philippines watch Dota 2 content, while Turkey boasts the highest percentage of League of Legends viewers per country. More importantly, over $10.5 million was raised for charitable causes in 2014, through Twitch streams, from a number of organizations, including Games Done Quick and Extra Life.

Cutting through most of the self-promotional marketing clutter, there are some further intriguing stats about Twitch in 2014. For example, they have over 10,000 total partnered channels, broadcast over 11 million streams per month, 16 billion minutes watched per month and a peak concurrent viewership of 1 million at some point in 2014.

When you think about it in terms of having 1 million people around the world on one website at once, it may seem like a lot. Don’t get me wrong; Twitch is the leading website for live gaming content at the moment. But when you realize that roughly this time last year about 800,000 people were tuning in throughout the Youtube livestream of the Bill Nye/Ken Ham Evolution Debate, on top of the rest of Youtube’s viewers around the world, you realize that Twitch has still a ways to go before they reach those heights.

Regardless, the growth of Twitch and its ongoing changes throughout the years (including to hosting channels, hovering over Twitch chat emoticons, etc.) is an interesting development, one that was especially quick over the past few years. With a partnership with E3 into its second year, more people get interested in Evo 2015, eSports and Hearthstone viewership increases plus added benefits from its acquisition, there’s no doubt that 2015 will be an even bigger year for Twitch.

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