E3 2014 Brings Twitch 12 Million Unique Visitors


If you had to wonder whether or not Twitch considers their first year as the official streaming partner of E3 a success, wonder no more. Twitch has released an infographic, informing their community just how many people went through their online games streaming service during last week’s gaming industry spectacular.

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Not only did Day 1 breaking their sitewide viewership record, with 5.9 million unique viewers that day, but 12 million unique visitors came through Twitch over the entire 4 days worth of conferences. Furthermore, Twitch hit an insane amount of concurrent users at their peak, topping out at over 405,000 people watching the E3 2014 livestream at once. They also took the opportunity to accept two separate awards from Guinness World Records, accepting an award for the most participants on a single-player online video game (1,165,140 participating in Twitch Plays Pokemon Red) and for the most concurrent viewers for a video game livestreaming service (826,778 on March 15, 2014).

Each year, Twitch only gets bigger and bigger, with more gaming fans indulging in online game streaming. A lot of that has to do with the fact that the PS4 and Xbox One both share streaming capabilities build right into the boxes. Now with Youtube reportedly in talks to buy Twitch for a large sum of money, one has to wonder if Twitch will be valued higher than the first-rumored figure of $1 billion should a deal go through. Either way, as a fan of watching gaming media (both streaming and in stagnant, edited videos), the future of Twitch sure seems bright.

Check out the E3 2014 Twitch infographic below.


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