Remember that rumored $1 billio..."/>

Remember that rumored $1 billio..."/>

Report: $1 Billion Youtube Acquisition Of Twitch Looks Official


Remember that rumored $1 billion acquisition of Twitch by Youtube? Well, according to VentureBeat’s gaming branch GamesBeat, it appears as though the rumored acquisition is now complete. The report is relied upon a source close to the situation, which was first rumored about more than two months ago by Variety.

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The source claims that it is the Youtube wing of the company that will be handling the acquisition, seemingly making a push for the company to be the #1 source for whatever kind of gaming video coverage you hope to see on the internet. Twitch for the livestreams, Youtube for the stagnant Let’s Plays and similar gaming video content. It’s not ironic, but more poetic to see that Youtube, the company bought by Google for $1.65 billion back in 2006, is now making this grand purchase of its own under its own name.

Because this is still an anonymously-sourced report, with neither side commenting on the story, we will have to take this news with a grain of salt. However, feel free to make as many Google Plus, copyright law and Youtube livestream quality jokes as you can. Who knows, this can be a really great or even potentially really awful move for Twitch, depending on whether or not Google executives start to step in.


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