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Xbox Ends Q4 2014 By Shipping 6.6 Million Consoles


Closing out the last two months of sales in the United States, the Xbox One came out the victor in terms of consoles sold versus the PS4 or Wii U over that time. But how would outselling the competition in just one market for two months translate to success throughout the rest of the world over three? Microsoft recently released their Earnings Report for the final three months of 2014 (Q2 2015 by their fiscal calendar), revealing that they have sold a total of 6.6 million Xbox units worldwide during that time.

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Again, having to rely on translators to hatchet through the PR-speak, there’s no reliable source that can provide a number between either Xbox 360 units sold and Xbox One units sold. Plus, “sold units” doesn’t mean “sold through,” meaning directly to consumers. It likely means sold to retailers, who then have to sell the product themselves. Plus, with “close to 10 million units shipped” being reported back in the middle of November, when most retailers had received their holiday shipments, we still have no solid number to indicate how many Xbox One units have been shipped, let alone sold.

For all intents and purposes, the Xbox One should be at more than 10 million units shipped, if not sold. For comparison, the PS4 stands at 18.5 million units sold through to consumers, while the Wii U is at more than 7.29 shipped to date.

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