PS4 Sold-Through Total Now Tops 18.5 Million


It seemed like Sony was confident in their Black Friday/holiday PS4 bundle offerings not to go too crazy on the sales and prices. They might have found the right price point to still maintain a solid amount of sales, as Sony has announced via press release that they have sold through more than 18.5 million PS4 consoles to date.

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This goes against the “conventional wisdom” that US=world (read: short-mindedness), as the Xbox One surpassed the PS4 in sales during the month of November, according to the most recent NPD report. In contrast, 4.1 million PS4 units were sold worldwide during the holiday season, which Sony counts as November 23rd, 2014 – January 4th, 2015 across several regions. Plus, as of January 2nd, more than half of those with a PS4 are subscribed to PlayStation Plus. Finally, 81.8 million PS4 software titles have been sold worldwide, digitally and physically, as of January 4th. That’s good for a 4.42 software tie ratio, good enough to dispel the “no games” monicker.

With Sony in the 5th year of losses out of 6, the PS4 has to be one hell of a consolation prize for them. When you consider that they jumped in on the 8th generation a year behind the Wii U and have already more than doubled their lifetime sales, and that we still don’t know how many Xbox One units have been shipped exactly, you have to wonder if we’ll get a tampered-down version of the PS2 generation. Relying on 3rd-party titles rather than upsetting exclusives, however, the PS4’s success (how long that lasts) is arguably very different from the PlayStation of the early 2000’s.

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