New Xbox One, App February Updates On The Way


What’s new for Xbox One in the month of February?

Today, Xbox app updates should become available to users as they are released; Xbox One updates are expected to drop tomorrow.

A few of my personal update favorite include visible party chats, pins re-arrangement, and joinable friend Twitch broadcasts.

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The first, visible party chats are pretty neat. Instead of joining an ongoing party with a bunch of randoms, now you can see their Gamertag before you venture off into uncharted territories. Also, with the new with the update, pins are a little more flexible. If you press the ‘Y’ button a pin can be moved around and positioned a new location within the section. The last of my favorites is the Twitch broadcast update. If your friend is live broadcasting a game, now all you have to do is click on his/her name, join, and make fun of their gameplay in the comments!

Some other new features on the Xbox One include:

  • Improved Gamerscore Leaderboard (compare your Gamerscore with a friend over a 30-day period)
  • “New” Feed (new posts now sit atop the activity feed)
  • Improved Suggested Friends (catered suggested friends to follow)
  • Hide ‘ready-to-install list’ (hide games, betas, trials, and apps)
  • ‘Use a code’ shortcut (redeem codes quicker)
  • Xbox One hotkeys Chatpad (easier access to apps on the pad)

Here are updates for both the Xbox One and Xbox app:

  • Avatar Store (new and old items)
  • Xbox News (more Xbox related news)
  • Trending items (dedicated section devoted to popular topics across Xbox Live)
  • Xbox Accessories app (easier Xbox One elite controller changes)
  • Compact mode ( for the app only)

What do you think about the new updates? I welcome the changes, no problem with getting shinier and newer.