Nintendo Returns To Profit As 7.29 Million Wii U Units Sold (Total)


On the heels of the holiday season, Nintendo has released their Q2 2014 financial numbers, and things are looking better for the Japanese gaming company. Spanning from April 1st (Q1 2014) to September 30th (end of Q2 2014), the Nintendo Wii U has sold 1.12 million units, up from 460,000 units shipped during that span last year and bringing the lifetime total to 7.29 million units. In addition to the 9.4 million Wii U software units sold over Q1-Q2 2014 (up from 3.1 million this time last year), Nintendo has reported a net profit of 14,300 million yen, which translates to about $132.3 million.

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The 3DS, however, is comparatively slumping for Nintendo. Between Q1 and Q2 in 2014, the 3DS has sold 2.09 million units, down from 3.89 during the same period last year. In the same period, Nintendo has sold 23.3 million 3DS software units, down from 27.3 million software units in last year’s Q1-Q2 periods.

At the bottom line, Nintendo is posting a much bigger profit through the summer months this year than last year, and return to profit after posting Q1 losses. Plus, however much the 3DS is slumping is peanuts compared to their mainstay competition in the PS Vita. With Pokemon ORAS (Omega Red, Alpha Sapphire), Super Smash Bros for Wii U and Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker still on the way and (mostly) in time for Black Friday, perhaps Nintendo can right the ship a little bit before anyone prepares their annual “Nintendo is doomed” thinkpieces!

You can see the entire Q1-Q2 Nintendo financial report here.

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