For all of its faults, the Xbox One is a good system. Yes, som..."/> For all of its faults, the Xbox One is a good system. Yes, som..."/>

Comic-Con 2015: Xbox One Winner Could Not Be Less Thrilled


For all of its faults, the Xbox One is a good system. Yes, some of its best exclusives are coming to the PC as well, but it’s still a good platform to enjoy online multiplayer gaming experiences, as well as the only place to currently play Titanfall. It’s served me well over my 17 months with the console, and brought forth some of the more memorable gaming experiences of this console generation. That said, not everyone is excited about the Xbox One, as one winner from the floor of Comic-Con 2015 can attest to in the above video.

As part of Microsoft’s trip to San Diego Comic-Con 2015, they’ve been hosting daily tournaments in a partnership with ESL (Electronic Sports League). Among the prizes to be won are Xbox Live Gold annual memberships, Xbox cash, Xbox One controllers and, of course, the Xbox One console itself. The final, unnamed tournament winner came up to the camera in a decidedly…let’s say “stoic” fashion. Despite being all smiles, he gave some stunted answers before the Xbox prize drawing landed on the Xbox One.

What was his immediate reaction to winning a $350 console? Look no further than to the top of the page. Remembering he was on camera, our prize winner was then prompted that he won an Xbox One by our host, with our winner giving the half-hearted retort; “yay.” It’s hard to get across just how muted (borderline sarcastic) he was in his delivery, so make sure to check out the video for yourself. He just took home his prize, thought he was off camera and gave one of the coldest stares you could imagine (the featured image at the top of the page) to an off-camera friend.

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Now, it’s easy to scold a kid for not being appreciative of winning a console like the Xbox One, but there are so many variables at play. For one, since he needed to be a winner to get to this stage in the first place, he could already have an Xbox One at home. Even then, you have a brand new console to give to someone else (or sell for more games). Another possibility is that he’s just not that much of a gamer, but decided to give it a shot and did well at Comic-Con 2015.

There’s also the biggest elephant in the room that has been brought up; the Xbox One just doesn’t have the desired US market share of the gaming population that Microsoft wishes it had with the Xbox 360. Would this kid be excited to win a PS4? Who knows. All we can say for certain is that this kid had little excitement for the Xbox One, and that reaction alone is pretty hilarious.

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