Looks Like Ryu & Roy Are Coming To Smash Bros.


We previously reported that according to a tweet by Nintendo of America, there would be a Smash Bros. presentation tomorrow at 7:40 am PT that would present new content. Thanks to Nintendo Everything, we probably know what that new content is.

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There is just a ton of new content coming for Smash Bros., it seems. There’s new stages, new music, new Mii Avatar outfits, and most importantly, two new fighters. Roy of the Fire Emblem series and Ryu of Street Fighter fame. Ryu is obviously the much bugger news because this is the first time a character from street fighter has made an appearance in a Smash Bros. game. The clips for both Roy & Ryu seem to have leaked early this morning, you can check them out below:

Now, there’s always a chance this could just be some cleverly edited video, but that seems really unlikely with a Smash Bros. presentation tomorrow, so take this as all but confirmed. There’s also a Squid Girl trophy, a new stage set in Dream Land as well as new music tracks Rhythm Heaven’s Blue Birds and Monkey Watch. The new Mii outfits are also listed below:

Brawler – Akira (Virtua Fighter)
Brawler – Jacky (Virtua Fighter)
Brawler – Heihachi (Tekken)
Gunner – Isabelle
Gunner – MegaMan.EXE
Swordfighter – Zero

And finally, check some pics of some of the new Smash Bros. content:

No word on when this content will be available, but with Nintendo it’s pretty likely it’ll be out by the time the presentation is over tomorrow.

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