Classy New 3DSes Celebrate Pokemon’s 20th Anniversary


A+, Nintendo! Despite worries that the rest of the world wouldn’t get any awesome handhelds to celebrate Pokemon’s 20th anniversary, Nintendo has come through. No, it’s not the transparent 2DSes color-themed for the original Pokemon games (Red, Blue, Yellow, and Green), but it’s one better. New Nintendo 3DSes will be released on February 27th with Pokemon cover plates, Polygon reports.

pokemon new 3ds
pokemon new 3ds /

It’s a regular-sized (not XL) New Nintendo 3DS, with Charizard and Blastoise cover plates. This means if you can get your hands on other cover plates, you can change them out (why would you want to?). The 3DS comes pre-loaded with Pokemon Red and Pokemon Blue, and the bundle also includes a download code for a Pokemon-themed menu.

Snatch these up if you can, as they aren’t likely to be around for very long given the ridiculous popularity of Pokemon and Nintendo’s notorious stocking problems with products like this. Good luck hunting them down! The likelihood of North America seeing the transparent 2DSes from Japan now seems considerably lower, although it was announced today that Europe will get the opportunity to purchase them too:

Pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow will be available on the Nintendo eShop for the rest of us who aren’t lucky enough to have the shiny New 3DS or 2DS on the same day–February 27th, 2016.