Final Smash DLC Available In Just A Few Days


The stream of new content for the most-packed Smash game to date ends in a few days.

We knew the end was coming soon, and we have a date for it at last. The awaited DLC for Super Smash Bros for Wii U and 3DS, marking the end of its DLC offerings, will be available on February 3rd for North America and February 4th for Europe (simultaneous launch, because time zones). This Smash DLC will include Bayonetta and Corrin as playable fighters, plus new stages and Mii Fighter costumes.

Corrin will cost $4.99 USD to add to one title, or $5.99 to use in both 3DS and Wii U versions of Smash. Bayonetta is a bit more, because she comes with the Umbra Clock Tower Stage. $5.99 for one version or $6.99 for both. The Mii Fighter costume bundle 6 is $4.50 for one version of the game, or $6.90 for both, or you can purchase just the ones you want for lower prices. A bundle containing both new fighters, the new stage, and all Mii Fighter costumes will cost $15.48 for one version of the game or $19.88 for both. All DLC prices, past and present, are viewable at the official website.

With Nintendo wrapping up both Splatoon and Smash DLC, Nintendo fans will soon be suffering from a lack of things to look forward to. We still have yet to see a majority of their 2016 line-up, and NX rumors are reaching a fever pitch. Gee, Nintendo, we could sure use a Direct right about now!