The Opening To Detective Pikachu Is Adorable Perfection


The intro to Detective Pikachu will make any Pokemon fan melt.

As if we needed more reasons to be jealous of all the awesome Pokemon extras that Japan is getting, Detective Pikachu just added another. The bizarre (yet somehow completely appropriate) story of a talking, coffee-drinking, girl-watching investigator Pikachu manages to win hearts, even if you can’t understand everything that’s being said. A quick look at the game’s intro cinematic and opening cutscene gives an accurate idea of what to expect from the unexpected adventure:

First off, this game is stinking cute, and more than just because of Pikachu. Glimpses of how Pokemon integrate into the lives of everyday people in the big city is a sweet juxtaposition to explore, with Rattatas in the sewer and thieving Aipom causing mischief. Then there’s Pika himself, introduced with a tragic backstory balanced by a few moments of ineffective womanizing and an adorable hat. We meet his friend, too, a human named Tim, who will join him in exploring Rhyme City in an effort to fight crime.

A translation of some details from the official site done by Serebii indicates that Great Detective Pikachu is an adventure game. Pikachu can wander around the city, looking for clues, conducting interviews, and investigating suspicious spots. Pika will offer his commentary on clues, if asked, but aside from talking, he’s apparently a very ineffective Pikachu. He can’t fight, or even move very quickly. Plus, as shown above, he has a serious weakness for women.

Detective Pikachu is out today in Japan, with no word on whether we’ll see it in the west. If we do, I’m with the thousands supporting Danny DeVito to voice the Sherlockian rodent. There’s no reason to believe this title wouldn’t shine just as much localized as it does in Japan.