E3 2015 Also To Be Livestreamed On Youtube


One of the oddest things about watching E3 on Twitch (or on each company’s website’s video browsers) is the inability to rewind live video play. If you missed an announcement or a specific detail (say, release dates or platform announcements), you’d have to either frantically check the internet (Twitter, NeoGAF, /r/games, /v/, etc.) to get second-hand information until after the event is finished and the press releases are sent out. Thankfully, it was revealed today (through Geoff Keighley, no less) that Youtube will also be livestreaming events during E3 2015, including most of the press conferences.

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The way Keighley presents the outline of his coverage, it looks like it will have a lot more Youtube community involvement in their E3 2015 coverage. Yes, they will still have development teams and celebrities like Telltale Games and Robert Kirkman show up, but it will also take feedback from Keighley’s The Game Awards show last year to bring fun and interactivity with those watching at home. Plus, with Youtube’s newfound ability to livestream 60fps content, it may very well be the best place to see gameplay demo reveals in action.

UPDATE: As reported by Variety, Geoff Keighley will be hosting for just 12 hours on the Monday, while Youtube will have an E3 hub that goes live on Sunday. Just in time for the return of Adam Sessler and Morgan Webb hosting the pre and post-show Bethesda E3 events, coverage will also be shown on their Twitch channel, which is currently in “Please Stand By” mode for a Fallout 4 reveal (as of posting).

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