Twitch 2015: Record Viewership In Double-Digit Countries


The Twitch 2015 Retrospective looks back on the year that was for the gaming content online broadcaster.

This time each year, Twitch likes to boost their growing broadcasting numbers with fun infographics that have, for the past few years, become more and more elaborate. That tradition carries on this year, with the Twitch 2015 Retrospective taking to the skies to bring a number of intriguing stats and figures.

(Disclosure: GameSided is included in the report for our reaction to the surprise hit Rocket League charting in content watched in its first month on Twitch)

The kind of numbers put up by Twitch last year are pretty interesting. For example, 459,366 years’ worth of content was watched last year, with an average of 550,000 viewers on at any given point. Users average 421.6 minutes of content watched per month, which outranks that of Youtube, which sat at 291 minutes per month. While not explicitly stated, viewership reached record numbers in the US, Canada, Brazil, UK, France, Sweden, Germany, Poland, Russia and Taiwan last year.

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More importantly, Twitch detailed facts about specific games streamed on their platform. League of Legends, obviously, came out on top in terms of total viewership. It is followed by Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Dota 2, Hearthstone and Minecraft to carve out the Top 5. Furthermore, eSports is starting to take over in a monumental way, with over 27 million unique viewers watching ESL Cologne 2015. When it comes to charity, over $17.4 million was raised for more than 55 different charities, led by Extra Life and Games Done Quick events.

There are tons of little factoids included in the full report, including an emotes usage breakdown, so check out the Twitch 2015 Retrospective for yourself.