Summer Games Done Quick 2015 Raised $1.23+ Million For Charity


1,200 attendees. 22,000+ donors. 28,000 donations. $1.23 million. One live streaming charity event. Those are the key takeaway numbers from Summer Games Done Quick 2015, a speedrunning event featuring marathoners from Speed Demos Archive and Speed Runs Live. Over the course of over 155 hours of constant speedrunning through classic and contemporary video games, $1,231,162 USD and counting has been raised for Medecins Sans Frontieres (Doctors Without Borders).

This massive amount of funds raised during Summer Games Done Quick came in through a plethora of means. Primarily, they came in the form of donations, with certain allocations entering users into prize draws or for bid incentives. Additional funds came in through certain Humble Bundle storefronts, $3 from shirts purchased over at The Yetee and 100% of Twitch subscriptions for the gamesdonequick channel. Bonus support came from sources like Something Artistic, World9 Gaming, Powerup Audio, tinyBuild, Alienware and more.

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Viewership and support for Summer Games Done Quick and Awesome Games Done Quick just continues to build at a rapid pace. Just compare this year’s event to those in the past: Summer Games Done Quick 2013 raised more than $255,000 for Doctors Without Borders. Last year, they raised more than $713,000 for the same cause. To jump up to more than $1,230,000 this year is nothing short of remarkable. Plus, viewership peaked at more than 150,000 concurrent users, a high benchmark that proves there’s an audience of gaming enthusiasts who are interested in this phenomena.

If you missed any speedruns during the event, the Speedrun subreddit has compiled them all in order of Summer Games Done Quick appearance. Personal highlights; you should definitely check out Yoshi’s Island, the Mega Man 4 race (real nailbiter!), Super Metroid Any% race and Earthbound. Plus, with developer commentary on runs such as Ori and the Blind Forest plus Shovel Knight, you can also learn a thing or two from the actual people who made the games you love!

Here’s to a resounding success for Games Done Quick events in 2016 and beyond.

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