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Elders Playing Mortal Kombat X Is Surprisingly Adorable


People who are generally unaware about the nature of video games actually playing video games has been a reliable go-to moment for hilarity and nostalgia. Modern teenagers reacting to the Nintendo Entertainment System for the first time shows dedicated gaming fans a brand new perspective, one that they wouldn’t be able to experience themselves. That’s why seeing the elderly play one of video games’ most violent fighting game entries in Mortal Kombat X just heightens the hilarity.

Most times kids, teens or elders react to something on Youtube content creators Fine Bros’ “React” channel has the subjects teased just a hint about the nature of what they’re in for. This time, the elders jump right into a ladder Mortal Kombat X tournament, only aided by a printout of their kombo moves and their dry skills as unfamiliar gamers. Most preconceived notions that these elders have for violent video games goes out the door when characters like Kitana, Sub Zero and Cassie Cage are out there, kicking serious ass. Rock’s unadulterated glee at playing fighting games, especially, is quite refreshing and funny to see.

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The elders aren’t that terrible of players, either. Outside of the losers in the Mortal Kombat X tournament (learning how to punch people at crotch level or jumping up and down in place), some of the kombatants actually string together combos to result in major chunks of damage taken off. One of them even tried to pull off a fatality move, although they weren’t close enough to their finished opponent to pull it off. Better yet, not one of them played as Scorpion, resembling that of a utopia for those that have tried to hop into online Mortal Kombat X play themselves.

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