Teens React, As Well As Arya Stark’s Actress, To The NES


As a matter of clarity, I would like to establish that I am 24, and that my first gaming experience was with Duck Hunt on the old Nintendo Entertainment System (aka NES) at the age of 2. Growing up, however, I’d argue that I spent more time playing the Super NES, so I can put myself in the mind of someone who doesn’t know what the console looks like. However, as the Fine Bros have illustrated in their most recent edition of Teens React, is that for some teens the NES is an almost foreign-like gaming device. This episode also happened to include Maisie Williams, the teen actress of Arya Stark from Game of Thrones.

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In an exercise of feeling old, the Teens React crew prompts the teens with leading questions about the NES, including those surrounding the console’s best selling games. To be fair to them, the NES was released in North America on August 14, 1985 (damn!) and the final game released for the system came out almost 20 years ago (double damn!), so it makes sense that the group of non-dedicated gamers are not up to snuff about the logistics of classic gaming’s history. However, to see one teen proclaim a lack of knowledge about the NES yet claim she has an iPhone case in the form of the NES controller is just a straight dagger to the heart of the older gaming generation.

In the interest of fairness, it’s not all bad. Most of the teens in Teens React, including Maisie Williams, were able to complete the first level without getting a game over. Even some of the teens managed to get all the mushroom, star and fire flower powers up in the process, while one new about the secret pipe that led to the cave with all the coins. Overall, it’s interesting to see how the new generation sees literal older generations of consoles, even if it comes with the painstaking realization that some of today’s kids don’t know about even The Legend of Zelda.

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