It's been a while since Michel Ancel worked on a title th..."/> It's been a while since Michel Ancel worked on a title th..."/>

Paris Games Week: WiLD Trailer Showcases Shaman Style


It’s been a while since Michel Ancel worked on a title that didn’t involve the Rayman IP. So much of the allure surrounding WiLD is in his handling of a project as a creative lead, and we’re starting to see some of that creative ingenuity transform into gameplay. As part of the Sony Press Conference at Paris Games Week, Wild Sheep Studio finally showcased WiLD gameplay, and it looks like all my letters to Sony wishing to become a Geralt-looking, naturalistic shaman were answered!

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The protagonist in WiLD is capable of calling upon animal friends to help you out in numerous ways. For example, a gigantic brown bear can act as both your steed and as a battering ram, to hurtle towards droves of enemies that lie in wait. Your powers are not limited to visceral clawed attacks or other generally aggressive actions, as you can take control of even a simple field rabbit in order to infiltrate and scout behind enemy lines. Our hero is not a sword-slinging warrior; he’s more of a holistic summoner, mage and shaman archetype.

The WiLD trailer ends with our shaman calling upon the divinity of a snake, who turns into a serpent seductress of an entity, for some reason. That aspect of gameplay is just teased at this stage, but it seems like it will be the turning point for how the gameplay takes form. We’ve seen a guy who lives in the wild be a sorcerer of nature, but neighboring cannibals don’t seem to have the arch of a “nemesis” band of enemies. As we get closer to a release date, hopefully we can see more of what the story is about.

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