Star Wars Battlefront Commercial Pulls At The Heart Strings


It should be of no surprise that Sony and EA are ready to market their latest Star Wars project right as the poster art for Star Wars: The Force Awakens drops. Not content to let Disney and ESPN have all the fun with the final trailer reveal later today (perhaps we get to hear the characters actually speak!), Sony released a Star Wars Battlefront commercial to tie in with their latest Star Wars-themed PS4 bundle.

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Backed with the terrific orchestral stylings that has made John Williams infamous, this commercial taps into the inner Star Wars fan at a basic level. It opens with a man at his office desk, working so late the office cleaner is briefly shown. Bored out of his mind, it is when he looks at an old R2D2 figurine that brings him back to his childhood, where he and his brother would just do everything Star Wars related. This includes fighting with flashlights, dressing up as characters for Halloween and making paper mache X-Wing and Tie Fighter cases for their bikes.

That’s when our unnamed protagonist’s brother shows up in an X-Wing to save him from his dreary life of salaryman to bring him to the world of Star Wars Battlefront, where both brothers are suddenly enlisted to fight in the Battle of Hoth. While I’m sure the idea is to show how the game allows you to escape into the Star Wars universe seamlessly, the idea that the game will launch you from your safe life with your family into a do-or-die battle with The Empire seems like a mismatch of ideals.

Star Wars Battlefront will launch for the PC, PS4 and Xbox One on November 17, while Star Wars: The Force Awakens will be released almost worldwide on December 18th.

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