5 Things We Enjoyed About The Star Wars Battlefront Beta

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#5 – The Sights And Sounds

This is what we’re all here for; the Star Wars fans, anyway. It’s about satisfying a craving for the immersive feeling that Star Wars games have been trying to capture for 30+ years.

We’ve only had a chance to experience three maps of various sizes so far in the Battlefront beta, but Hoth, Tatooine, and Sullust all look excellent. They’re full of details that ooze authenticity, from giant Star Destroyers in the sky, to minuscule details such as worn-down graphical effects on weapons and vehicles.

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Battlefront also contains a diverse set of sounds from the Star Wars universe. John Williams’ classic score plays throughout, while the constant barrage of blaster bolts provides an accompanying soundtrack during battle. Everything sounds excellent, from the dull hum of an active lightsaber to the ever so satisfying sound of a team shield being pelted with shots from a blaster.

DICE have accomplished exactly what they set out to do in this department: differentiate themselves from the Battlefield brand and make this game feel like Star Wars.

So, that’s the list. Do you agree? What would your list be? Will you be picking up Battlefront on day one? Let me know in the comments.

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