Top 10 Telltale Games (So Far)

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We countdown the top 10 Telltale games of all time (so far).

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Since 2012, Telltale Games has become a household name for fans of the video game industry. From The Walking Dead to Game Of Thrones, their games have featured a consistent mix of excellent narratives and innovative gameplay. They’ve gone from strength to strength since their inception, turning them from a relatively small outfit into one of the biggest names in the business. 

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This might just be the beginning for Telltale, but the company already has a fascinating history. Since publishing their first title in 2005 as Telltale Texas Hold’Em, they’ve grown tremendously in stature.

Telltale is now dealing with huge franchises such as Batman and Minecraft, and this week sees the return of Telltale’s most popular series to date: The Walking Dead. The new mini-series takes a side-step away from Clementine’s story to focus on the character of Michonne from the comic series of the same name.

So, in anticipation of that game’s release, it’s time to countdown the very best Telltale games to date. We won’t be including any games that are currently in development (sorry Minecraft: Story Mode fans), so keep that in mind. We’ll be judging this based on critical success, lasting appeal, and I might even sneak a bit of a personal opinion in there, too.

Let’s get started!

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