Super Bowl 50: The Madden 16 Simulation

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We simulate Super Bowl 50 with the magic of Madden 16. The results are not nearly what you might expect come Super Bowl Sunday.

While we certainly didn’t predict both Super Bowl 50 teams to make it through their playoff rounds (we had the Denver Broncos facing the Seattle Seahawks), football fans have enjoyed what the NFL playoffs have brought so far. Whether it is once-in-a-lifetime games like the bizarre Packers vs. Cardinals or the downright heartbreaking Seahawks vs. Vikings, the real deal is hard to replicate even in a video game.

Even though it’s a daunting task, today we bring you our final, and most important, Madden 16 simulation of the year; the Super Bowl 50 sim!

Madden16_SuperBowl_02 /

Let’s cover some of the rules and regulations of the Super Bowl 50 simulation before we break down the action, quarter by quarter.

  • This sim used the most up-to-date roster possible, substituting injured players.
  • The Super Sim option was utilized while playing a six-minute-per-quarter game on All-Pro difficulty. This mode has produced fair results previously.
  • Players could get injured.
  • We used the Super Bowl presentation mode under one simulation pass, then played the same presentation to get screenshots. All stats, rosters, and plays are consistent within the course of one simulation.
  • This simulation ran on the Xbox One version, hence the Xbox One screenshots. I couldn’t force the Broncos to wear white. May that be the team’s fans’ excuse.

With the Panthers winning the coin toss, they elect to receive to kick things off at Super Bowl 50!

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