In a shocking move that will disrupt the very fabric of what w..."/> In a shocking move that will disrupt the very fabric of what w..."/>

Fallout 4 Live Action Trailer Places You As The Wanderer


In a shocking move that will disrupt the very fabric of what we know as a Fallout commercial, the recent release of a Fallout 4 live action trailer does not feature the music of The Ink Spots. I repeat: this trailer’s choice of backing track does not want to set the world on fire, maybe, nor does it remind us that it is a sin to tell a lie. Instead, it takes us close to 20 years in the future from The Ink Spots’ time, going with 1961 track The Wanderer by Dion.

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For the most part, the live action trailer puts the viewer in the place of the lone survivor from Vault 111, just like the story of Fallout 4 suggests. What was a once peaceful town is destroyed by the dropping of a nuclear bomb, destroying civilization as we know it. With nowhere to go and only with a companion, Dogmeat, to accompany him, our hero becomes The Wanderer. He’s certainly not fearful of anything if his slow, methodical stroll-and-shoot approach towards incoming super mutant is of any indication. Welcome home, indeed.

The promotion of this Fallout 4 trailer doesn’t do much for the interested fan. It shows a more realized version of the computer-generated actions we’ve seen at E3 2015 and in other trailers. It’s perfect to capture the attention of someone on TV, watching it as a commercial. It can easily be cut down to 30 seconds in order to showcase what the game’s about to the casual viewer, maybe one who has stepped away from gaming for a while. A perfect reminder that a new Fallout game exists, and it contains what former players love from the series.

Fallout 4 will launch on the PC, PS4 and Xbox One on November 10.

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