Check Out Star Wars Battlefront In Glorious 16-Bit

Many games modern games gotten the 8 or 16-bit trailer treatment, imagining modern high budget AAA games if they were made in the days of the NES or the SNES/Genesis. Star Wars Battlefront is the latest to get that treatment.

Of course, a game like Star Wars Battlefront could not be made on the systems of 20+ years ago even if they were scaled down to 16-bit, but it’s certainly fun to imagine, and this video captures what Star Wars Battlefront would look and sound like in 16-bit. Check out those extremely pixelated versions of Luke Skywalker & Darth Vader! I’m honestly not even sure the Super Nintendo System could even handle the limited horribly scratchy voicework that was put in. I like the idea that one rebel soldier could last more than 5 seconds against an AT-AT though. Check out the 16-Bit trailer for Star Wars Battlefront below and prepare for the real deal November 17th on Xbox One, PS4 & PC:

h/t GeeksAreSexy

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