EGX 2015: Indie Showcase – Fire Fu


GameSided Staff Writer Fraser G. recently attended EGX 2015 in the UK, gaining access to hands-on previews of some of the hottest upcoming AAA titles and indie games. Our EGX roundup series has now concluded, but you can find links to all of our features below.

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Today’s preview takes a look at Fire Fu, a game that’s being developed by UK-based developers RetroFist for mobiles and tablet devices. While sampling a hands-on demo of the game at EGX, the first thing that I noticed was how reminiscent the game’s visuals are to the recent Rayman releases. Fire Fu features 2D environments with vibrant colors and beautiful, hand-painted backgrounds.

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Fire Fu will feel familiar to anyone who has accustomed themselves with games such as Fruit Ninja in the past, requiring plenty of accurate and well-timed swiping. Enemies litter the screen and your task is to burn them with your finger while avoiding other obstacles such as bombs which put a dent in your overall score.

Fire Fu’s gameplay mechanics are responsive and fun, while game sessions are quick for those who like to play their games on the go.

An added layer of longevity has been added in the form of upgrades which can be purchased with in-game currency. These upgrades take the form of magic potions which boost your score when utilized correctly. The team at RetroFist informed me that they want to stray away from offering the ability to purchase upgrades with real money, which is a welcome design choice. There’s also leaderboards to track progress, as well as bonuses and achievements to collect.

Fire Fu is being developed in conjunction with Microsoft, Creative England, and The Regional Growth Fund, who have backed and funded the project. There’s no official release date just yet, but I’ll be keeping a keen eye on this one.

For more news on Fire Fu, check out RetroFist’s website.

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