Fake Candy Crush Movie ‘Clip’ Features Colbert, Liam Neeson


In spite of the feelings of the core and hardcore gaming community, Candy Crush Saga is kind of a big deal in the scope of gaming in society. In-app purchases of games in the series resulted in $1.3 billion in sales last year, which is the kind of money Activision looks to improve upon in the mobile gaming space. News of Activision Blizzard’s $5.9 billion acquisition of King Digital took the business media by storm, and has seemingly made its way to Stephen Colbert and his writing team at Late Show.

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Colbert brings up a very important fact that when Activision announced the deal to acquire the creators of Candy Crush, it was the same day that Activision announced the creation of a production studio to make TV shows and films out of their properties. It seemed too much of a coincidence for Stephen, who brought up the idea of a Candy Crush movie starring Liam Neeson as Mr. Toffee. Not surprisingly, despite making up the idea of the movie, he brought a “clip” to show off to his audience.

What’s great about Stephen Colbert on the Late Show is that he’s not willing to embody a noble spirit of his nerdery. Whether it be the Lord of the Rings, Star Wars or video games (including having Sean Murray promote No Man’s Sky), Colbert makes sure that all of the references are on point. Same goes with this Candy Crush movie parody, which drops mention of a lollipop hammer, gummy fish, a triple color bomb combo and more. Even Liam Neeson’s performance, in which he reads lines from a cue card, oozes of effort and care.

Let’s hope that if Activision is planning on making a Candy Crush film that they were taking notes.