Pre-Registration For Miitomo, Nintendo Account Begins


We were promised pre-registration in mid-February, and Nintendo is right on time. Last night, sign-ups opened up for the Nintendo Account system and (by association) Nintendo’s first mobile title, Miitomo. Miitomo launches in March on iOS and Android, and is a way to use Miis to communicate with your friends.

Nintendo Account is the replacement to Club Nintendo, offering points and rewards not just for purchasing games, but just for playing them or using the service.  You can register at any time, and if you have a current Nintendo Network ID, you can link it to the new Nintendo Account.

Start by following this link to the pre-registration site, where you can read more about Nintendo Account. Click Pre-register, and then you can choose to connect your Nintendo Network ID, Facebook, Google+, or Twitter account. You’ll be asked to verify information, and then to enter a code that will be sent to your email.After the code is submitted, your account will officially be created!

After the code is submitted, your account will officially be created! There’s nothing more to do with it for now, but your username will at least be saved (so grab the good ones while you can). You can opt in to email notifications from Nintendo, so you’ll know as soon as Miitomo launches. Presumably you’ll be able to link all your social media accounts at that time, too.

Miitomo sounds bizarre, but fun. It’s another big risk by Nintendo, who are known for either total flops or major successes. Which of the two will their adventure into the mobile market become? We’ll just have to wait til March to find out.