In a move that can warm even the coldest of a skeptic's h..."/> In a move that can warm even the coldest of a skeptic's h..."/>

This Elderly Gamer Let’s Playing Skyrim Is Damn Adorable


In a move that can warm even the coldest of a skeptic’s heart, 79-year-old Shirley Curry started up a Youtube Let’s Play series of her playing Skyrim that has inadvertently made her something of a phenomenon. With Episode 1 launching just last Friday, September 18, Shirley has already accumulated close to 32,000 subscribers over the span of just three 15-22 minute long episodes. How did she accomplish this so late into the game’s presence in the gaming scene? Because Shirley’s commentary is worthy of National Treasure status.

“Hi, this is Grandma Shirley,” Ms. Curry remarks as she opens her first video, “and I’m playing Skyrim. And I thought I’d like to take you along with me, if you’d like to go.” The way she describes her thought process is totally unlike what you’d see in a standard Let’s Play series, especially since it’s very light on the whole “Like, Comment, Subscribe” and other superlatives that lesser Youtubers spout. Rationalizing her choice to play a Khajiit character is a delight, and makes sense.

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Another thing that makes Shirley’s playing of Skyrim so special is just the process of how she plays. Going around tight, blind corners, she’s apprehensive of her surroundings. She may take a look at the hanging cobweb, or question why there’s nothing around in a dead end, often ending with a hearty chuckle. The distrust I naturally have for these kinds of videos, insisting that it’s fake, is holstered, because I want to believe this is true so badly. It’s clearly her commentary, and hopefully we don’t find out someone else was playing for her all the time.

You can check out Episodes 2 and 3 of Grandma Shirley’s Skyrim playthrough below.

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