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Rock Band 4 Teaches You Game Mechanics With ‘Kool’ Terry


Despite Rock Band 4 bringing the core gameplay experience of the series’ past forward for a new generation of consoles, there are still a few new gameplay mechanics that will be introduced. We’ve covered them in the past, but that has always been in text form. A better way of getting the information is for Harmonix to share the details with you in a hilarious new “informative” video, starring “Kool” Terry Terman. The above shows an 80’s-era instructional video telling you how to get the most out of your Rock Band 4 play.

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Sponsored by the National Banana Council (“Bananas: They’re like apples, kinda.”), the lead guitarist of the band Skratch ‘n Snyf shows you how to implement the new freestyle guitar solo system. Strumming notes on the bottom and top of the guitar neck produces note in key with the current song in play. You can even finger tap just like the pros! Freestyling isn’t limited to just guitaring, as the singer can also belt higher and lower notes if he or she stays in key.

The video goes on to explain a bit more about the Career Mode in Rock Band 4. Based on your choices throughout your adventure (like choosing between getting a van to go to more locations, or picking a manager for more exposure), the options for songs and how your story is molded changes. “Surprises” are supposedly in store, but that remains to be seen.

Not only is the video informative, but it was clearly a passion project by members of Harmonix and the Rock Band 4 development team. They’re going a mostly Indie route this year without the backing of MTV Games, so it’s up to them and distributor Mad Catz to push their product any way they can. Making a low-budget video, then playing on that fact, screams of effort and enthusiasm.

Rock Band 4 will launch for PS4 and Xbox One on October 6th.

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