Project X Zone 2 Brings All The Crazy In February


Project X Zone was pretty crazy game. It combined various characters from a wide range of video game franchises (though most of them pretty obscure to U.S. audiences) in a turn-based strategy rpg with a little bit of fighting action throw in for good measure. The sequel. creatively titled Project X Zone 2 seems to amp up the crazy with more characters and flashier combo attacks. The original was fun and really only flawed in that the battles near the end took far too long, so I’m pretty excited for the sequel. And now we know when to expect it.

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Kotaku is reporting that Project X Zone 2 will come out in the U.S. for the Nintendo 3DS on February 16, 2016. Project X Zone 2 will feature new characters such as Phoenix Wright, but also have returning characters in different pairings for all new battle dynamics. It’s shameless fan service, but in a very fun way, and I can’t wait to see team-ups you’d normally only read about in fan fiction this February.

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