Final Fantasy XV is a departure from the series not only becau..."/> Final Fantasy XV is a departure from the series not only becau..."/>

Making Final Fantasy XV Meant Scouting Exotic Locations


Final Fantasy XV is a departure from the series not only because it plays with a decidedly more action-RPG slant, but because of just how open its world plays and travels. To make sure a created world makes sense within its own universe (as well as to ensure it’s well lived-in as opposed to desolate), some of the members of Square Enix’s Final Fantasy XV development team scouted locations throughout the real world to use for their game. IGN has the video, posted above.

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As Mark Twain once said, “Truth is stranger than fiction,” and some of these locations the Final Fantasy XV dev team went to seem almost fantastical in nature. The claustrophobic caves hosted bats and crawly creatures, and the picture-in-picture video shows Noctis and friends exploring the in-game version of the location. The same treatment goes for trips to a river bend, a drive-in animal safari (to study for Behemoth), an arduous mountain climb, a camping trip to cook food on the road (similar to our party) and walking through a windy thunderstorm to imitate Ramuh’s summoning.

Scouting teams are traditional aspects of film and television crews in order to find the right location for shooting. It is done in some video games (especially to get cities right like in the Grand Theft Auto series), but seeing how the Final Fantasy XV team is taking the knowledge they have acquired and transitioning it into showing how it works within their upcoming game is certainly fascinating. It helps that the subject matter of their trips is intriguing, as well, with some absolutely gorgeous locations they travelled to.

Final Fantasy XV, as confirmed at the end, will be coming to PS4 and Xbox One sometime in 2016.

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