Chatroulette Users Stumble Into Interactive Live-Action FPS


Do you ever find yourself trolling around on Chatroulette, looking for some interesting people to…converse with, only to stumble into a live-action first-person shooter? No? Well, you must not be one of the lucky ones to stumble upon Real Pictures’ brilliantly-designed rendition, hosted throughout an even luckier person’s garden and some neighboring church. A video of this went up yesterday and has already gone viral, as cool internet things tend to do.

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Random users across Omegle, Skype and Chatroulette were prompted by an FPS character, complete with overlaying UI, to interact with their surroundings as if they were a protagonist in a video game. Zombies were the main opponent, with weapons ranging from crowbars, to “assualt” rifles, to grenades and even dual pistols were lying around the surrounding area. Help came from friends and neighbors in the surrounding area, and even some unsuspecting neighbors just show up to see it unfold right out of nowhere.

The behind-the-scenes footage puts into perspective how much effort when into this Chatroulette production. Just the one person walking around in the video involves attaching a GoPro camera and an HDMI output transmitter onto a motocross helmet. That’s not including a soundboard, live UI interfacing, voice acting and a host of extras to rangle. Considering that the live feed was transmitting to a zombie with a router no further than 30 feet away and you have a Youtube video that definitely earns its viewership.

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