Evo 2015: Eight Different Live Streams To Watch


There’s no doubt that the fighting game community is growing. If there was ever a thing to point at to show naysayers who doubt its popularity spurt, look no further to the Evo 2015 stream schedule, which was just posted on Shoryuken. Where in past years you would get a couple of different options to watch the action live on Twitch, this year there are 8 different Twitch channel destinations to choose from.

For comparison, here is the full Evo 2015 stream schedule: (click to embiggen)

Last year’s Evo event looked something like this:

As you can see, the Evo 2015 stream schedule is better than ever, and not just because Injustice and BlazBlue won’t be making an appearance this year. No, it’s the multitude of options, many streams of which will be streaming action both Friday and Saturday. The draw is to give subsets of the fighting game community a place to watch their favorite games played in a relaxed environment, hopefully minimizing the amount of stream monsters asking “when’s mahvel?” ad nauseam.

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That said, with so many viewing options for the Evo 2015 stream schedule, it will be interesting to see how viewership ebbs and flows on each channel. For example, Super Smash Bros. for Wii U Finals will look to squeak ever so slightly into the Super Smash Bros. Melee Semifinals, for both winners and losers brackets. Seeing how people actually yelled out for Melee during the Wii U Smash Finals at Apex 2015, one will wonder if the audience at home will metaphorically do the same with their own personal viewership. Either way, with 8 different channels to watch throughout the weekend, there will be something for all fighting game fans to watch during Evo 2015.

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