Just Cause 3 Gameplay Lets You Choose Your Own Adventure


Most displays of gameplay in a video game trailer show off all the aspects that the development team want to show in a very specific, ultra-scrutinized way. Because of this, even if it’s as great a trailer as one you would see for Fallout 4, due to the fact that you know and see each of the standard gameplay tropes at hand, the effect becomes diminished. That’s why Just Cause 3’s recently released gameplay video series brings agency to fans by letting them craft their own “choose your own adventure” style of viewing entertainment.

The Just Cause 3 gameplay trailer starts off with Rico touching down in the town of Alba, a location within the 400 square miles of the Medici Isles. As Rico, you are tasked with bringing down the current military general dictatorship by starting your own political revolution. How you do it is up to the viewer, who is asked to view a statue’s destruction in a multitude of ways; farmer’s revenge, ‘stop hitting yourself’ and car-tapult. Three other takedown options appear for each other point of interest, including a refinery, a bridge and military facilities.

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Each set of options does the standard “highlight what we want to show” for this Just Cause 3 gameplay trailer, however it does so in a way that keeps things fresh and interesting. You still get to see how the game’s physics engine works in a variety of ways of highlighting destruction, soaring through the skies and getting around on the ground. I know the game is less than half a year away from release, but I would have preferred a lot more NPC’s and vehicles driving around the towns to make them feel more lived in. Knowing the game is as huge as it is, though, suggests that it may be the preferred tradeoff if it allows a smooth transition from point to point.

Just Cause 3 will be released for the PC, PS4 and Xbox One on December 1st.

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