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Take A Look At The Final E3 Phantom Pain Gameplay Trailer


It’s been in development for so long, the fact that this will likely be the final time we see Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain gameplay at an E3 conference kind of sneaks up on you. IGN was lucky enough to share more than 40 minutes of the game, even if Hideo Kojima himself could not be in LA to share the enjoyment with fans of the Metal Gear Solid series. (A direct link to a high-quality video for download is available here)

One of the cool “Kojima puts so much thought in adding everyday stuff into his games” moments comes right off the top, where Punished Snake is just hanging around inside the helicopter. Photos taken throughout the game’s story are added on the sides of the helicopter, while intel is placed on the roof for easy reading and your co-op buddies can hang out and interact with you. Shown off for the first time is the Phantom Pain Free Reign mode, where you can just go out into the wilderness and explore.

It’s from either there or Mother Base where you can choose to do missions in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, and this year Snake brings along his canine companion DD for the adventure. This beast of a dog brings a lot of fun features on missions, including object/enemy scouting, bark distractions, attack commands and dynamic urination maneuvers (takes a leak). It’s all helpful when choosing to go on a side-op before the mission starts to find a Russian interpreter, which proves useful in then-Soviet-controlled Afghanistan.

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Once the real Phantom Pain mission starts up, however, it’s the robotic D Walker that proves to be useful to Snake. Not only can he walk, run or glide on wheels at a fast pace, but using his robotic sensors he can also point out areas of interest from a safe range. But be careful in overuse of him, DD or any of your companions or their tactics. As we can see in the footage, enemies will adapt to what you use and can pull off some of your same tricks, including decoys and high-tech weaponry.

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain will be released for consoles on September 1st, while the PC version will be released on September 15th. The game will still be developed by Kojima Productions, as noted at the end of the trailer. Make sure to keep it here with us at GameSided all week, as we will keep you up to date on all the announcements, reveals, gameplay, trailers & more for E3 2015!

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