E3 2015: Mario Tennis Ultra Smash Trailer


Nintendo unveiled a new entry in it’s Mario Tennis series, titled Mario Tennis Ultra Smash.

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Mario Tennis Ultra Smash looks to feature all the over the top gameplay you are used to from Mario sports titles, be it tennis, soccer or basketball. It doesn’t look to drastically alter the Mario Tennis formula, but you can see some new power-ups (like giant characters) and crisp visuals in the trailer for Mario Tennis Ultra Smash below:

Mario sports titles rarely set the world on fire, but they are almost always a fun time, especially with a couple friends, and Mario Tennis Ultra Smash looks to continue that trend. Hopefully we’ll see the usual suspects with a few surprises thrown in. Personally I’d love to see Nintendo characters from other franchises or even 3rd party characters like the have in Smash Bros. in the mix. Mario Tennis Ultra Smash hits the Wii U this holiday season.

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