Possible New Pokemon Trademarks Filed, No Official Word


Pokemon Sun and Moon might totally be things! Or they might be sad hoaxes. Who knows?

We probably should have seen this coming a mile off, what with the Pokemon Nintendo Direct tomorrow morning, but here it is. This morning, a Tweet from a relatively quiet Twitter account pointed out a new trademark filing for two brand new Pokemon titles, Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon:

The trademark filing (in Europe) is legit…sort of. It definitely exists, but it also could be anything. It could be a placeholder (something we’ve seen in the past) for something different. It could be a fake. Or it could be real! The timing seems a bit opportune, which could also be a result of human error in posting or filing something a bit too early. There is no confirmation or official word that this is real.

It seems a little too good to be true, personally, as someone who was absolutely dying for a new generation game to be announced, and was dismayed at the Direct’s five minute time estimate. I’m currently banking on Pokemon Z, but a tease of something new coming late in the year or early next with Z to tide us over is not out of the realm of possibility. It’s fun to speculate as to what Pokemon Sun and Moon might entail–could we finally go to space? Will the infamous meteor problem from ORAS return? Will there be caves swarming full of Solrock and Lunatone? As grand as it is to imagine, we won’t have to anymore as of tomorrow at 7am PT. Brace yourselves! (and beware fake Twitter accounts posting rumors as fact!)